The Next Phase of FP2020: Our Vision for the Future

As a time-bound initiative with an urgent goal, FP2020 has a mandate to adjust as needed to ensure we remain positioned for optimal success.

In the latter half of 2015, the Secretariat, under the guidance of the Reference Group, conducted an intensive and highly consultative strategic review of the partnership’s progress to date in order to
make bold decisions about FP2020’s focus for the remaining five years.

This exercise challenged us to rethink our structure and prioritize areas of work where we feel we can have the most impact. We determined that, while FP2020 is thriving and serves as a vital convening space to pool expertise, solve problems, and advance the movement, we also have an opportunity to more effectively coordinate support for the country-level activities that will be instrumental in transforming the lives of women and girls.

FP2020’s new strategy for 2016-2020 prioritizes efforts on four crosscutting initiatives: country support; data and performance management; global advocacy, rights, and youth; and knowledge and evidence.

We’re acting with a sense of urgency felt across the family planning community, with the recognition that what we do between now and 2020 will determine how well our sector is positioned to meet the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030.

Our response to this challenge and this moment is a new strategy for 2016-2020 that prioritizes our efforts on four crosscutting initiatives: country support; data and performance management; global advocacy, rights, and youth; and knowledge and evidence. These initiatives, and the activities that fall within each, are where we believe FP2020 can add the most value through collaboration and mutual accountability. Across this portfolio of initiatives, our main emphasis will be on supporting and reinforcing country-level activities—building on our existing focal point network and in-country partnerships—that can dramatically increase access to high-quality family planning information, services, and supplies.

The vision is for FP2020 to serve as an inclusive and results-oriented partnership that is working with a diverse group of stakeholders and experts to accelerate action and to address the most significant global and country-level barriers to progress against FP2020 goals. With the backing and participation of our leadership and the global family planning community, we are excited for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.