Using Markers for Digital Engagement with the Audience of Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon Season 3 – A Transmedia Entertainment Education Initiative for Sanitation, Family Planning, and Gender Equality in India

The rise of social media and rapid changes in the digital media landscape offer an unprecedented opportunity to engage mass audiences across media platforms to promote messages for positive social change and track their uptake through digital footprints (Lutkenhaus et al., 2019). Purposely incorporating “markers”—new words, phrases, visual representations, and practices that are well-aligned with a project’s social objectives—represent an innovative strategy to not only promote new social realities but also track how audience members engage with them over time. This report highlights the communication strategies, research methods, and major findings on the incorporation of markers related to sanitation, family planning, and gender equality in Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon Season 3 (MKBKSH-3) in India.