COVID-19 Survey Results

As the COVID-19 crisis was unfolding across the globe in late March, IPPF launched a rapid survey to glean an early analysis of the impact of C-19 on MA operations and SRH service provision in order to inform priorities for an IPPF response.

A preliminary analysis of the situation shows that MAs are struggling to ensure continuity of SRH services during the crisis.

Of the 121 MAs that participated in the survey, 104 are SRH service providers. The majority (66%) of those that are service providers reported a decrease in the number of operational service delivery points since the C-19 outbreak began (with 5,633 closures), particularly affecting community-based service delivery. Moreover, the vast majority of these MAs (88%) reported having to scale down availability of at least one SRH service category, and 35% reported scaling down all SRH services.

The C-19 crisis has also impacted MAs’ ability to pay staff, with more than 200 staff members across 12 MAs either suspended or terminated since the outbreak began. Not only does this impact the lives and livelihoods of our colleagues, but it decreases MAs’ capacity to provide quality, rights-based SRH services.

At the same time, the survey revealed deep disruptions to the commodities supply chain since the implementation of C-19 measures. More than one-third of MAs reported shortages of key SRH commodities, including contraceptives, safe abortion supplies, HIV medicines, and pregnancy tests, among others.

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