World Population Day: BKKBN campaigns against unwanted pregnancy

The National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN) remains committed to the family planning campaign amid concerns about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on demographics.

The observance of World Population Day on July 11 reminds the world that efforts must be pushed further to curb pregnancy rates, which are feared to be on the rise because of the implementation of “stay at home” protocol.

The world’s population is expected to increase by 2 billion people in the next 30 years, from 7.7 billion in 2019 to 9.7 billion in 2050.

Nine countries, including Indonesia, are predicted to reach more than half the projected growth between now and 2050.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic might bring the number further up as the pandemic also has a tremendous impact on access to family planning (KB) services as well as sexual reproductive health information.

Countries throughout the world, including Indonesia, are now struggling to ensure that services in family planning and reproductive health programs remain available.