Webinar on COVID-19 Q&A with WHO, IYAFP, and Youth


On Thursday, May 14, FP2020, in partnership with the World Health Organization and the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning, hosted a live Q&A on adolescent sexual and reproductive and rights in the context of COVID-19. With the declaration of a world pandemic, a wealth of good information as well as myths and misconceptions has been widely and rapidly disseminated, and many young people report feeling overwhelmed by this torrent of information as well as confused by often conflicting perspectives and opinions. The Q&A was an opportunity for young people to engage directly with experts around their specific questions and concerns. Over 200 questions were generated mostly falling under the themes of

  • concerns about safety and sexual activity,
  • the inability to maintain quality services for young people,
  • a fear of gender-based violence, and
  • how the virus is transmitted and treated. 

There were approximately 300 participants in the session which was conducted in English with French translation. The event was also featured on our Twitter and new Instagram channels. Participants appreciated the informal yet dynamic nature of the session, which supported their direct engagement with global experts in family planning, sexual and reproductive health, adolescent health and gender-based violence. Similarly, the expert speakers enjoyed the real-time, less formal interaction, which stood in contrast to the more frequent norm of PowerPoint presentations with limited opportunity for exchange.

FP2020 is compiling and analyzing the discussion further. These findings as well as the video from the Q&A will be posted on our website and video clips will be shared on social media.   A follow up session is planned for later this year, as more information on the virus as well as its effect on young people’s SRHR becomes more widely available.