Maintaining Momentum in Family Planning: How can social and behavior change programs adapt to the new reality of COVID-19?


COVID-19 is already impacting the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) of women and girls around the world through disruptions to supply chains, reductions in service availability, and changes to individual, household, and community-level behaviors. Not only are these effects likely to grow in the coming weeks and months, but we are facing a long-term crisis if we don’t act now to meet the SRH needs of women and girls. More than ever, the role of social and behavior change (SBC) is essential in supporting access to life-saving contraceptives and reproductive health services and empowering individuals with options to engage in self-care for family planning. However, SBC implementers active in this field need to find new ways to engage communities under lock-down, identify specific needs of subpopulations such as youth, and adapt messaging in response to shifting access to SRH services.


  • Lynn Van Lith, Technical Director, Breakthrough ACTION (Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs)

Featured Speakers:

  • Beth Schlachter, Executive Director, FP2020
  • John Skibiak, Director, Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition
  • Joanna Skinner, Family Planning Technical Lead, Breakthrough ACTION (Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs)
  • Manasa Priya Vasudevan, Program Manager, Know Your Body, Know Your Rights Program (The YP Foundation)