FP2020: Catalyzing Collaboration Progress Report Webinar

Family Planning 2020 launched its sixth annual progress report, FP2020: Catalyzing Collaboration, on November 12 during the International Conference on Family Planning in Kigali, Rwanda. For those of you who were unable to attend, we discuss key findings featured in the report in this webinar.

On November 12, we released two versions of the report: a print report that contains only the material our partners reported to find most useful to have in print (per a survey we shared) and a full report, which is online at familyplanning2020.org/progress.

The full, digital report is among a variety of new features you can find on our refreshed website, which was launched simultaneously with the annual progress report FP2020: Catalyzing Collaboration on November 12. Here you will find that the Progress Report is longer a separate site, but an integrated portion of the website that enables report readers to more easily access relevant resources on the main site, including country data and information about commitment countries.

In this video we discuss the themes of this year’s report, including the critical role of rights-based family planning in universal health coverage. We share insights from the latest data, particularly new data on adolescents and youth. We also discuss the latest trends in financing for family planning, including validated domestic government expenditures for 31 FP2020 countries.