Exploring Digital Platforms for Family Planning During COVID-19


The response to COVID-19 has created multiple challenges for women seeking to avoid unintended pregnancies. Police check-points, vigilantes, misinformation on clinic access and loss of income, just to name a few. Digital health platforms can empower people/women with on-demand information services, offer support through reminders and refer clients to e-pharmacies or online consultations. These platforms can also serve as a bridge to specific healthcare points and provide continuity for FP clients seeking refills, method switching, and other contraceptive services. 

The SRH landscape is changing. In the decade ahead, we anticipate increased reliance on digital solutions. How will current digital platforms contribute to that shifting landscape? How can we leverage interest in the self-care movement, high quality contraceptive services, and rights-based approaches in SRH to ensure that women get the right information at the right time about the supplies and services they need? And how will digital health shape markets in the future?