Binta’s Dilemma

Over the past two years, E2A has released three films that are being used as part of a comprehensive approach to behavior change implemented by the project’s University Leadership for Change initiative. The films demonstrate how narrative can be used in an effort to change sexual and reproductive health behaviors by sparking reflection, dialogue, and action.

The films were produced by local Nigerien film companies Maggia and B@k Techno and were based on qualitative data collected from young people, service providers, and rural communities. The first two films are in French with English subtitles. The third film, Hadjo’s Dreams, is in Haousa, with English or French subtitles.

The narrative in the first film, Binta’s Dilemma, presents how university students in Niger confront culturally controversial topics, including contraception, unintended pregnancy, and the societal pressures on young women to bear children once they are married. It is meant to help young people, especially students, reflect on and react to these topics.