Soon, Maharashtra government to roll out injectable contraceptive

PUNE: Injectable contraceptive, which was within the reach of affluent few till recently, will soon be made available for the underprivileged at public hospitals for free.

The state government has received 80,000 injectable contraceptive doses through the Union government under its National Family Welfare Programme. It will be made available at government-run medical colleges attached hospitals, district hospitals and hospitals for women within next two weeks.

Experts, however, said the injectable contraceptive should only be given after proper counselling where women should be explained about the possible side-effects, including irregularity in menstrual cycle. Besides, its long-term use can have adverse effect on body’s calcium mineralisation.

Currently, the government offers five birth-control options free-of-cost in the family planning programme, including female sterilization, male sterilization, intrauterine device, condoms and pills.