Rights in Practice: What Makes a REAL Difference to Programs (Meeting Report)

The meeting and this report represent the collaboration and collective thinking of long-time champions, practitioners, and students of Rights-Based Family Planning led by Lynn Bakamjian, Karen Hardee, Jan Kumar, and Karen Newman. The meeting exceeded all expectations because of their insight, expertise, brilliant organizational and presentation skills, and constant and ready support and because of the extraordinary contributions of the panelists and all participants in Kigali. Family Planning 2020 is grateful to the many partners, from Washington to North Carolina and from India to Mozambique and all points across and in between, who shared partners, insights, and expertise from beginning to end. This enabled us to identify experts and practitioners from villages, remote clinics, townships, and cities who have developed powerful programs and approaches that respect and protect rights. These people were willing to take the time to travel to the Kigali Convention Center to share their experiences with all of us. Their understanding of the strength of rights in programming and their generosity in sharing their work, successes, and challenges made this day a full and rich one