Why Religious Leaders Must Be Involved in Family Planning

Religious leaders from churches in Zambia share their views on why faith leaders should be involved in family planning. Leaders from the Anglican Church in Zambia, the Salvation Army, and the Church of God share how their organizations promote family planning, provide a forum for discussion and in the case of the Salvation Army, provide family planning services at a hospital.

Family Planning Helps Families Be Self-Sufficient Religious leaders in Zambia explain why they believe family planning empowers families and helps them to be self sufficient. Faith leaders from the Church of God,  Baptist Church, Wesleyan Church, Salvation Army and the Anglican Church discuss the health benefits to mothers and children of healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies. They also refer to scripture supporting the call for parents to support their children and take responsibility for planning their families.

Why Churches Talk to Youth about Family Planning Religious leaders in Zambia address how their churches handle the natural curiosity young people have about sex through teen programs and youth meetings designed to help guide youth toward a healthy biblically based attitude. Leaders from the Wesleyan Church, the Reformed Church in Zambia and the Church of God discuss strategies to help youth delay sexual activity and learn to protect their health.

God Wants Us To Plan: What the Bible Says about Family Planning Religious leaders in Zambia turn to scripture to explain why they believe Christianity supports family planning. Leaders from the Baptist Church, the Wesleyan Church, and the Reformed Church in Zambia discuss the divine mandate to have dominion over the Earth, only achievable if we are responsible and able to support our families. They also address the misconception that God disapproved of contraception in the story of Onan in Genesis.

Father John Waihiga of Kenya┬áHear Father John Waihiga of the Orthodox Church Kimende in Kiambu County, Kenya share his views on how the Bible supports healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy through the use of family planning for healthier mothers, children, congregations and entire communities. Father John explores scripture, such as 1 Timothy 5:8 and Genesis 1:28, to explain how Christians are following God’s call to be responsible parents and stewards of creation by planning their families.