Track20 Launches FPET Online Training Module

The Family Planning Estimation Tool (FPET) generates annual estimates of mCPR, unmet need, and demand for family planning satisfied by modern methods beyond the date of the last survey and into the future. Having these more recent estimates without waiting for a new survey gives countries the information they need to better monitor progress, estimate how mCPR and unmet need are changing in response to current programming, and make necessary adjustments to accelerate progress toward their FP goals. 

Track20 has developed the free, online FPET Training Module to expand the understanding and use of FPET and good data practices beyond Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Officers, to decision makers, to advocates, and to university students who may be part of the next generation of M&E professionals. Making these materials available online ensures that countries can independently produce quality data and use it strategically to routinely monitor FP program performance and take corrective actions. The module is currently available in English, with plans for a French version in the future. 

Moving through the module, the user learns why the tool was developed and how it has contributed to FP monitoring; what kinds of data FPET uses and what role each type plays; how to use the tool to generate national and subnational estimates of key FP indicators; how to create custom databases to reflect their country’s available data; including service statistics to refine estimates; how to interpret FPET’s numerical and graphic results; and how to use FPET results to inform decision making.