Tanzania: Euroleverage Annual Family Planning Policy and Budget Review report 2014-2015

Since 2010, DSW and its Euroleverage partners have conducted policy and budget analyses to help improve budget allocation, policy implementation, and family planning (FP) services, by holding governments accountable for their policy decisions. Findings and information generated from focus group discussions, health facility assessments, and policy and budget analyses, assist governments in knowing more about the gaps that exist in family planning policies and budgets, as well as in service provision.

These new research reports aim to establish trends in the allocation and disbursement of resources at donor, national and subnational levels in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. These analyses will serve as evidence for different advocacy and civic education activities at community, district, and national level. The research will enable civil society organisations to track the progress of government decision-making on responsive FP policies, budgets and their implementation, and will support progress towards international and national FP commitments.

Why is this type of research important?
These reports enable advocacy groups to convince governments and donors regarding urgent health priorities. This brings about responsive budgets where budget and plans reflect real community needs and were priorities can be realised. This process has tremendous potential to improve good governance and accountability of relations between donors, national governments, districts, and local communities.