Sexual Rights Database is a one-stop-shop for national Constitutions, laws and policies related to sexual rights, including reproductive rights and sexual and reproductive health. Users can search by country or issue and can compare across countries.

The rights of all individuals to make decisions regarding their sexualities and reproductive lives, to accessible and affordable health services and to accurate, comprehensive health information are fundamental human rights. Yet, States in every part of the world continue to violate sexual rights with laws that seek to criminalize aspects of sexuality and reproduction, with discriminatory policies that limit access to a range of services and information, and with the absence of laws and policies necessary to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of all people.

Access to up-to-date laws and policies is critical to defending and promoting sexual rights at the national and international level. With this information in hand, advocates, organizations and governments are empowered to engage in constructive dialogue, to hold governments accountable and to support the realization of sexual rights for all.