On the Road to UHC: Leave no one behind

A civil society organisation (CSO) perspective on how Universal Health Coverage (UHC) can be reached by 2030

UHC2030 is the global movement to strengthen health systems for universal health coverage (UHC) as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is a multi-stakeholder platform that promotes collaborative work at global and country levels on health systems strengthening, advocates for increased political commitment to universal health coverage, and facilitates accountability and knowledge sharing. UHC2030 brings together a wide range of stakeholders including governments, international organisations (such as the WHO, the World Bank and ILO), civil society organisations, the private sector, academia, media and Health Workers Union.

The governance and decision-making body of UHC2030 is the Steering Committee, which is comprised of twenty members representing the different constituencies in UHC2030, and facilitates communication and interaction of different members and stakeholder groups. Civil society holds three seats in the Steering Committee of UHC2030. These seats are supported by a CSO Advisory Group, which links global and local inputs and provides technical guidance – together building the core of the Civil Society Engagement Mechanism (CSEM) in UHC2030.