Recommendations Related to Integrating Postabortion and Postpartum Family Planning for Diverse Categories of Women

Knowledge Success has launched a new interactive experience to share information about modifying different types of care and services for women in the context of COVID-19. Users have the option to choose from five tabs: antenatal care, postabortion care, maternity services, facility-based postnatal care and infant immunization, and non-facility based antenatal, delivery, and postpartum care. Each tab then provides a combination of recommendations, technical briefs, and articles. 

The contents of this interactive experience were adapted from the Global Health: Science and Practice journal article, Opportunities and Challenges of Delivering Postabortion Care and Postpartum Family Planning During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Anne Pfitzer, Eva Lathrop, Alison Bodenheimer, Saumya RamaRao, Megan Christofield, Patricia MacDonald, Bethany Arnold, Neeta Bhatnagar, Erin Mielke and Meridith Mikulich.