PRB Policy Communication Toolkit

This Policy Communication Toolkit is a resource to bridge the gap that often lies between research and policy. It consolidates tools, materials, and approaches PRB has developed and refined over 30 years of training researchers to communicate to policy audiences. Research often has profound implications for policy, but without effective communication between researchers and policy audiences, the significance of research findings may be lost. Through this toolkit, users can build skills to bridge this gap, with the goal of increasing the use of evidence in policy and decision making.

This training toolkit includes all the materials PRB uses to train family planning, reproductive health, and population researchers, experts, and advocates to:

  • Understand the process by which research informs the policy environment.
  • Identify key policy audiences.
  • Identify and communicate the policy implications of research.
  • Communicate messages through a variety of platforms, including policy briefs, oral presentations, data visualizations, social media, and more.