Opportunities For Financing Family Planning Through The Global Financing Facility

This document, developed by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Health Policy Plus (HP+) project, aims to demonstrate how family planning has been included in GFF-funded programs and identify opportunities for its advocates to better engage in and leverage the GFF process to support family planning financing. This document builds on previous work on how family planning stakeholders can ensure alignment between priorities across costed implementation plans (CIPs) and investment cases to best leverage the GFF process in addressing family planning funding needs (Lang and Lasway, 2019).

The purpose of this document is as follows:

  • Map the financing of the most recent World Bank/GFF Trust Fund allocations in GFF countries
  • Understand the GFF’s role in funding family planning
  • Identify how family planning has been included in documents for projects co-financed by the GFF (project appraisal documents [PADs], results-based financing [RBF] manuals, annual workplans, and procurement plans)
  • Identify family planning intervention areas (demand creation, service delivery, commodity procurement, etc.) most often included in World Bank/GFF-supported programs
  • Provide family planning stakeholders with recommendations for how best to participate and have influence in the development and implementation of GFF-financed projects
  • Provide family planning stakeholders with ideas for investments that can be funded through the GFF, particularly through a lens focusing on health systems strengthening