Modeling the impact of COVID-19 mitigation on contraceptive needs

COVID-19 is changing how countries meet the contraceptive needs of women and girls. Each new day, we recognize afresh that the future we have been planning (and procuring) for differs from the world we see today. 

We must rethink the way we link products and programs to ensure access to contraception in a feasible and sustainable manner. MICRO Modeling helps country partners and other health care planners do just that. It allows them to quantify the shifts in contraceptive supply needs that might occur from pursuing different strategies to mitigate service delivery disruptions. In an illustrative and hypothetical way, it helps answer many of the “what if?” questions decision makers are facing today.  

The tool is pre-loaded with data from the 2019 Commodity Gap Analysis so that users can apply the analytics to each of the report’s 135 low-and-middle-income countries, including country groupings based on geography, income and organizational priority.