Malawi CSO Day Meeting Report

On June 20, 2018, FP2020 civil society stakeholders convened in Lilongwe, Malawi to debrief civil society partners on the outcomes of the FP2020 – White Ribbon Alliance Civil Society Forum that was held in November 2017. This included discussing key issues around family planning in Malawi; reflecting on progress toward universal access to family planning information, services, and supplies; and developing next steps, including advocacy to expand youth services, accountability measures to track supply chain, and supporting community outreach.

During the June stakeholders meeting, civil society partners:

  • Agreed to strengthen engagement and coordination in achieving FP2020 goals and prioritize advocacy opportunities to support and accelerate progress toward country commitments to FP2020
  • Discussed the Malawi Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan (CIP), a unified country strategy for family planning that defines key activities, impact, and a national budget, as well as how to mobilize resources and monitor progress. Discussed various entry points for engagement with the Global Financing Facility (GFF) and opportunities to leverage GFF funding for family planning
  • Decided to increase support for relevant accountability tools and processes, enhance information sharing for advocacy, and develop capacity of stakeholders regarding implementation of the GFF Investment Case

The meeting was concluded with a better understanding among civil society partners on Malawi FP2020 priorities and actions to accelerate efforts towards achieving these priorities.