FP2020 Reference Group Meeting, April 23-24, 2015 New Delhi, India


1. Develop a “shared vision” of the Reference Group’s objectives and strengthen members’ leadership and engagement in and ownership of FP2020;

2. Reach consensus on the role of FP2020 to position family planning within the Post-2015 architecture;

3. Take action on recommended changes to the FP2020 Core Indicator suite. Discuss data utilization on the global and country levels, and the strategic implications of the most recent Core Indicator estimates with special attention to analyses of youth and hard-to-reach populations. Discuss the persistent challenge of gaps in available data sources, and provide input on strategies to make more high quality data available;

4. Provide feedback and recommendations to FP2020 on financing and resource mobilization for country plans and commodity security, including within the new global financing architecture;

5. Provide guidance on FP2020 support to countries in reaching marginalized populations while maintaining a focus on expanding access overall; and

6. Discuss options for including young people and/or youth advocacy organizations in the FP2020 structure and processes.