Family Planning 2020 and Nepal’s Pledge

Family planning 2020 is a global partnership which has been started after the 2012 London meeting on Family planning (FP) with the aim of improving the FP services to women and girls in the poorest countries. Achieving the FP2020 goal is critical to ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights by 2030 as part of Sustainable Development Goals. The core global partners include Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, DFID, UNFPA and USAID. In the summit, more than twenty countries committed to revitalize their efforts on family planning. By 2016, the partnership expanded which included 40 countries, highlighting a marked increase in political commitment from governments as well as growing interest across diverse sectors. This partnership will help to support women and girl’s rights to decide voluntary for themselves, on when and how many children they wish to have. FP 2020 works with the multiple partners including the government, civil society and researchers to make modern methods of FP more available and accessible by 2020.It also addresses the issues of the barriers in terms of society, culture as well as policy, financing and delivery. Among those who made the commitments, one in four countries have developed and endorsed their countries costed implementation plan, another third have increased their allocation of the national budget for FP and half have advocated for FP in some way and held national family planning conferences in their respective countries.

If all married women who want to space or limit their children were to use family planning methods, the CPR (all methods) would increase to 76%.3 In this context, Nepal will benefit from the FP 2020 commitment by increasing partnership and visibility at the global level for recognition of its work in family planning { Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) on family planning: 2015-2020 within the Nepal Health Sector Program III: 2015-2020}, developing a resource mobilization plan to implement the CIP and monitoring the results.