European Donor Support to Sexual & Reproductive Health & Family Planning

For the first time, this report will assess European donors’ funding going to SRHR, following a review of methodology. This new approach allows to measure other essential interventions in addition to SRH/FP, such as HIV investments – in line with the ICPD costed population package -, or initiatives that advance gender-responsiveness and bodily autonomy. Examples of these include broader responses to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) that go beyond SRH/FP, and other neglected areas of comprehensive SRHR, such as safe abortion or comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). To ensure focus, this new methodology excludes broader elements that can also support SRHR, such as large contributions to primary health care or nutrition. To be noted however that the methodology does not necessarily match donors’ internal reporting, as some individual governments may detach investments on SRHR from those on HIV prevention and treatment or SGBV. Despite this new approach, European donors’ support specifically to SRH/FP remains at the heart of this report, for comparability purposes with the methodology used in previous years. The measure related to SRHR funding is only available for 2020.