AVAC Annual Report: What Now?

AVAC develops a “3-D agenda” every year that summarizes their take on the critical advocacy priorities for the field of HIV prevention. AVAC has a bold agenda for 2020 and beyond:

  • They will work with partners to influence the post-2020 agenda to ensure that funding for prevention increases and money is directed to the geographies and populations with the most need, and to the most effective interventions.
  • They will continue to build and sustain a global cadre of smart, evidence-based, impact-driven advocates who stand at the front lines of this fight.
  • They will continue to raise their voices for women’s HIV prevention and help craft the global prevention agenda for women.
  • They will ensure civil society perspectives are informing and influencing decision-making on current and next-generation trials and trial designs.
  • They will guide and pressure developers, funders and policy makers to ensure comprehensive plans for all relevant populations for products entering and coming out of the product pipeline in 2020.
  • And They will identify, raise up and advocate for ways to increase uptake and continuation rates for prevention methods through a people-centered lens.