FP2020’s Rapid Response Mechanism

The RRM grants program is not currently accepting applications. For updates on future RRM opportunities, please sign up for the FP2030 mailing list.

The Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) provided small grants to fund time-sensitive projects to FP2020 partners to meet our overall goal of providing 120 million more women and girls access to contraceptives by 2020.

The RRM funded projects that directly respond to opportunities for which immediate intervention is needed. RRM-funded projects:

  • Responded to a recent change in the family planning operational environment of an FP2020 focus country
  • OR worked toward a specific upcoming opportunity to advance family planning in an FP2020 focus country


The FP2030 Secretariat is not accepting new RRM applications at this time. Please subscribe to FP2030’s newsletter to receive updates on any future RRM request for proposal.


If you have any questions on the RRM, please feel free to contact the FP2020 Secretariat at rapidresponse@fp2030.org. Thank you!

Special thanks to Bloomberg Philanthropies for establishing the Rapid Response Mechanism.