Apply to Join the PME Working Group

The PME WG is a platform for collaboration and discussion that brings together the foremost leaders, thinkers, and practitioners in family planning measurement. It plays a critical role in the success of FP2030 – a global partnership of governments, civil society, multilateral organizations, donors, the private sector and research community, working together to advance the family planning movement and to promote evidence-based family planning programs.    

PME WG members work closely with the PME WG co-leads and the North American and European Hub (NAE) Hub to develop an annual Activity Plan that contributes to the FP2030 high level work plan. As part of the Activity Plan, the PME WG members will collaborate with the FP2030 team to review and support analysis for the FP2030 annual progress report. Additionally, members engage in Activity Plan work streams, convened to collaborate on specific activities. Work streams analyze, question, and develop draft approaches for PME WG feedback, input, and decision. 

The PME WG is comprised of leaders in family planning measurement. Overall membership is meant to be representative of the global family planning community, specifically including:  

  • The different parts of the family planning data architecture, including data collection agencies, modelers, researchers, program implementers and advocates.  
  • A broad range of technical skills and thematic expertise, reflecting the FP2030 measurement agenda.  
  • Candidates should possess a strong understanding of family planning data and standard family planning indicators, including the FP2030 Measurement framework, and have extensive experience working on family planning in developing countries. 

Applicants will be reviewed with an eye towards technical expertise and institutional representation while also striving for geographical diversity (both in terms of where members work and where they are from); gender diversity, and representation from traditionally underrepresented groups. 

Note: Applications from individuals whose institutions are already represented on the PME Working Group, who are FP2030 focal points, or who already participate in FP2030 governance in an official capacity will not be considered.    

The application will close on Friday, January 12, 2024, at 11:59pm ET. The selected members will be notified in early 2024.