2022 Uncertainty Intervals

Ang Thong, Thailand - April 13, 2018 : Unidentified Asian young bathe with respect to parents by water have a jasmine and rose flower and aromatherapy in water in water bowl in Songkran Festival

The attached report contains key indicators offering insights into various aspects of family planning, such as the prevalence of contraceptive use, unmet needs, sources of family planning methods, information availability, and decision-making.

The report aims to provide valuable information for better understanding and improving family planning efforts and reproductive health outcomes.


Key Indicators included in the report are:

  • Modern Contraceptive Prevalence (MCP)
  • Traditional Contraceptive Prevalence (TCP)
  • Percentage of Women Estimated to Have an Unmet Need for Modern Methods of Contraception
  • Percentage of Women Estimated to Have Their Demand for Family Planning Met with a Modern Method of Contraception
  • Percent of Current Modern Contraceptive Users Who Last Obtained Their Family Planning Method from Each Source
  • Method Information Index or Method Information Index Plus
  • Percentage of Women Who Received Family Planning Information During a Contact with a Health Service Provider
  • Percentage of Women Who Decided to Use Family Planning Alone or Jointly with Their Husbands/Partners
  • Percent of Births That Are Unintended