Podcast: Inside the FP Story

A podcast exploring the details of family planning programming brought to you by FP2030 and Knowledge SUCCESS

We made tremendous progress in the last decade to advance cutting-edge family planning frameworks, implement diverse programs, and expand the conversation on family planning funding within the health care system to meet the needs of women and girls, couples, and families. But much work still needs to be done. Learning practical ways to improve family planning programs often happens in casual conversations with peers and colleagues.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and listen in on honest conversations with family planning program experts around the world as they share what has worked in their settings — and what to avoid — in our new podcast series, Inside the FP Story, hosted by FP2030 and Knowledge SUCCESS.

There are many interesting stories and perspectives to hear in the family planning and reproductive health field. Every season, we’ll dive into pressing questions and explore innovative approaches and solutions, focused along a different theme.

Season One: Elements of FP Success 

We begin our podcast series taking you inside the stories of some of the most successful FP2020 countries. Join family planning experts from Afghanistan, Kenya, Mozambique, and Senegal as they discuss the details of family planning programs, how to integrate family planning into other health sectors, and how COVID-19 has impacted service delivery. Each episode offers new insights into best practices, lessons learned, and the continued challenges of working to reduce the barriers that restrict access to family planning.

Want to read the transcript while you listen? We’ve posted transcripts in English and French on our Simplecast page. Episodes are also available on Spotify and Stitcher.