Performance Monitoring and Evidence Working Group: June 2022 Meeting Recap

FP2030’s Performance Monitoring and Evidence (PME) Working Group met in person in June 2022 for the first time since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic. Dr. Samukeliso Dube, FP2030 Executive Director, welcomed the group and shared updates on the FP2030 transition and future regional hub network.

The PME Working Group provides technical advice and support for monitoring progress towards FP2030 goals, promotes the use of data for decision-making, and contributes to the improvement and understanding of quantitative measures in key dimensions of family planning, including the FP2030 measurement framework.

One of the main meeting objectives centered on the future of family planning measurement improvement efforts, and featured small group conversations aimed at identifying key areas of work for the PME Working Group and family planning measurement partners. The group is articulating these areas of future work as a call to action in the FP2030 Measurement Framework.

The areas of future work identify the need for improved measurement in different aspects of family planning such as measuring social and behavioral change; identifying indicators at the supportive environment level for policy, financing, and accountability; improving understanding of fertility intentions and the relationship with contraceptive use, and improving the measurement of rights and empowerment principles for family planning.

FP2030 will work with current and former PME working group members and other data and measurement partners to convene experts, create collaborative spaces for data analysis, make recommendations, and publish and disseminate recommendations through briefs, publications, webinars, and more.

FP2030 recruits new members for the PME Working Group on an annual basis. Members cycle off the PME Working Group on a rolling basis after serving a two-year term (and a possible two-year extension). As members transition, the group is careful to maintain working relationships with critical organizational partners to support the FP2030 Measurement Framework. In 2021, the group introduced the Early Career Fellowship program. This is a two-year professional development opportunity for young professionals in the field of family planning measurement.

FP2030 will start recruiting new PME Working Group members in the fall of 2022, and early career fellows in the spring of 2023. If you are interested in applying or if you know colleagues that might be interested, visit the PME Working Group page for more information. Keep an eye on future newsletters and for more information.