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Dear colleagues,

FP2020 has had the honor of partnering with civil society organizations (CSOs) on many initiatives: family planning advocacy, government and donor accountability, increasing country budgets for family planning services, and so much more. These partnerships with the advocacy community have become a cornerstone to FP2020’s progress. As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, our civil society partners have been instrumental in keeping family planning on the national agenda in their own countries.


FP2020 recognizes the importance of CSO-led advocacy in creating the policy and funding environment necessary for achieving progress against country commitments, especially as our community forges ahead against the backdrop of a global pandemic. Our civil society partners have collaborated with FP2020 to define a global family planning advocacy agenda, promote evidence and best practices, and advance the alignment of advocacy efforts among civil society partners.


In honor of World Contraception Day Saturday, September 26, we asked civil society partners to share how they have improved contraceptive access — and continue to do so despite massive disruptions from the global pandemic. We’ll be celebrating their achievements through a new video series, highlighting incredible civil society partners from around the globe. You can see the first videos below, and starting on World Contraception Day, you can join the campaign by using the hashtag #myFPstory. Tell us: how has family planning changed your life, and how are you strengthening access to family planning for others?


Join us by making a video of your own. So far, our partners have touched on lessons learned, best practices, as well as recommendations for the FP2020 partnership beyond 2020, including the need for more funding for advocacy, better coordination and stronger accountability processes which galvanize civil society to support the implementation and monitoring of family planning commitments alongside governments. 


We hope you take the time to watch and learn from our partners, and take part in this campaign. As we build excitement around the next phase of this partnership, we continue to learn from this community, and we are grateful for your partnership.




Mande Limbu, Senior Manager, Advocacy and Civil Society Engagement

Sofia Heffernan, Coordinator, Global Initiatives



Starting on World Contraception Day, FP2020 is launching a new, ongoing campaign as we transition to the next phase of the FP2020 partnership: #myFPstory. Will you share yours? How has access to family planning changed your life, and how are you working to strengthen that access for others? Kicking the campaign off are some of FP2020’s advocacy partners, who have strengthened access to family planning for countless people across the globe. 

Sam Muyanga


Meet Sam, the Director for Programming, Advance Family Planning Lead in Kenya. Kenya exceeded its 2020 target of 58% modern contraceptive use by married women, with the help of civil society organizations around the country. But there is more work to be done, especially because of COVID-19. Hear more from Sam about the importance of family planning in a post COVID recovery world.

Photo illustrations by Em Chadband


Poonam Muttreja



Meet Poonam, Executive Director of the Population Foundation of India, an organization that is dedicated to helping young girls find their voices to make informed choices about their sexual health. Learn more about their work with young people over the past couple of years, and what the organization is looking forward to doing next.


Aliou Dioup



Nous vous présentons Aliou, Président et Administrateur Général de l’Association des Gestionnaires pour le Développement (AGD) en Mauritanie. Aliou insiste sur l’importance des efforts de sensibilisation des jeunes pendant cette période où les populations jeunes risquent d’être négligées dans les activités de la planification familiale, en raison des restrictions mises en place suite à la COVID-19 sur les déplacements et les rassemblements. Regardez sa vidéo pour en savoir plus sur les stratégies qu’AGD utilise actuellement pour soutenir les jeunes .



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World Contraception Day (WCD) is this Saturday, September 26th. The annual worldwide #WCD2020 campaign centers around a vision where every pregnancy is wanted. FP2020, along with 15 other INGOs, partner with Bayer each year in support of WCD. This year, during a time of exciting transition for the FP2020 partnership, we’re launching a new, ongoing campaign: #myFPstory. We welcome you to participate through sharing your own FP story or using some of our messages! How has family planning impacted your life? And how are you working to ensure other people can access it? Learn more about the campaign, and find shareable media and graphics, in this social media toolkit.
Illustration by Em Chadband


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The Family Planning Estimation Tool (FPET) generates annual estimates of modern contraceptive prevalence rate (mCPR), unmet need, and demand for family planning satisfied by modern methods beyond the date of the last survey and into the future. Having these more recent estimates without waiting for a new survey gives countries the information they need to better monitor progress, and make necessary adjustments to accelerate progress toward their FP goals. Check out the module.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused tremendous upheaval to health systems around the world, disrupting access to family planning information and services. Despite this disruption, the need for family planning remains the same. Check out this regularly-updated resource page for information regarding COVID-19 and family planning.




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Global cooperation is more important than ever, yet more at risk than when the UN was created 75 years ago. The UN Foundation has created this new web page to keep the global community updated on UNGA 75: check it out for updates and key issues to watch.


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Women don’t want to prevent pregnancy or HIV, they want to plan and space their pregnancies and prevent HIV acquisition or transmission. Don’t miss this microsite, made together with AVAC for the AIDS2020 conference, with resources for designing programs that meet all the needs of the women health centers seek to serve. 


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In light of changing communications due to the pandemic, FP2020 and our partners have hosted more webinars than ever before. Have you missed one you hoped to attend? Check out the newly updated Archived Webinars page on the FP2020 website, as well as the FP2020 YouTube channel for all webinar recordings. 




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Rights, Empowerment & Family Planning: Progress and Unfinished Business: A Virtual Discussion


September 24
8 – 10 am EDT



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Integrating Rights-Based Family Planning and HIV Care: Lessons Learned from Differentiated Service Delivery for HIV Treatment

FP2020 and IAS

October 14
8 am EDT