Nepal's National Conference on Family Planning 2075 Declaration: "Reaching the Unreached"

Internalizing the contributions of family planning for overall national development, several commitments have been declared.

  1. Conducting social mapping to identify the community who do not have access for family planning services and assessing the geographical remoteness to expand the services for targeted beneficiaries through innovative approaches.
  2. Assuring the sexual and reporudctive health rights and increasing the investment on family planning services aligning with FP2020 commitments.
  3. Strengthening the provincial and local level system in the context of federalism and accordingly restructuring the system of FP service provision.
  4. Lobbying for mandatory inclusion of comprehensive sexuality education in the school curriculum.
  5. In partnership and coordination with the local and province level, placement of one nurse in every school for reproductive health service provision.
  6. To ensure the reach of FP services among all, expanding the FP services in effective collaboration and partnership with private sectors.