Ministers discuss Global Strategy at Call to Action meeting in Delhi

The two-day global ‘Call to Action Summit 2015’ concluded with Ministers and senior delegates from more than 22 countries delegations adopting the Delhi Declaration on ‘ending preventable maternal and child deaths’. The declaration was developed as an outcome of the high-level ministerial conclave held at the summit.

The Summit was an opportunity for Health Ministers, academic experts, health practitioners and global leaders from diverse sectors to gather and deliberate upon the importance of Systems, Partnerships, Innovations, Convergence, and Evidence in ending all preventable maternal and child deaths. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the meeting with an address to delegates saying, “how we shape the world in the next 15 years will make the difference between prosperous, optimistic nations, and insecurity and unrest…this is a “Call to Action” to all of us to seize this opportunity and think big.”