Mauritania Official Update

In August 2015, the Government of Mauritania shared an update on progress in achieving its financial and program and service delivery commitments to FP2020.

  • The implementation of Mauritania‚Äôs national action plan for family planning is underway, in accordance with the country‚Äôs commitment. The government has started training contraceptive technology trainers and now has a pool of 16 providers of certified national trainers.
  • The government has also engaged in mass awareness-raising activities on family planning with religious leaders, the young and civil society organizations.
  • The Government of Mauritania has a budget line for securing contraceptive products that was created in 2014 and which is mobilized¬† with a 15 percent increase in funds allocated to reproductive health in the state budget for the¬†2015 period.
  • The Government of Mauritania is committed to mobilizing the necessary resources. These commitments are reflected in the continuing advocacy for increasing the budget allocated to family planning and the mobilization of additional resources and the planning of these resources within new projects funded by the World Bank, and the AFD‚Äôs (French Development Agency] project (support for an obstetrical plan and the strengthening of the healthcare system). The Ministry of Health has, with its partners, also organized a day of resource mobilization, where the partners have committed to finance the national plan to reposition family planning