Kenya Official Report: Financial, Policy and Political Commitments

The Government of Kenya had a temporary loss of the family planning budget line following devolution, however this is being addressed and the government has allocated USD $500,000 as a line item for family planning commodities in the year 2015-2016, [and] this will be scaled up in coming years.

The supply plan requirements for 2015-2016 are estimated at USD $8,946,016. The MOH has secured funding for the country’s needs this fiscal year with the Government of Kenya contributing USD $1,851,432 and donors providing USD $ 7,094,584.

There are, however, funding gaps in the following areas:

  • Training county staff on Implanon NXT
  • Supporting counties to develop costed plans for family planning
  • Capacity building of county staff on commodity reporting
  • Sustained advocacy in the counties

The Government of Kenya’s Health Sector Services Fund has continued to provide funds directly to dispensaries and health centers. These health facilities are managed by facility committees drawn from the local community.

The country has reviewed the Adolescent Reproductive Health and Development Policy during the year, and young people participated in the review and development of the new policy.

Most of the policies and strategies reported last year are under review.