Infection-control supplies delivered to Viet Nam maternal health facilities amid COVID-19 pandemic

Health experts in Viet Nam are calling for efforts to ensure continuous access to maternal health care amid the growing COVID-19 pandemic. More than 260 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the country, mostly in and around Ha Noi City.

“Special medical services and care should be provided for pregnant women, mothers during and after delivery, and newborns amid the epidemic,” said Nguyen Duc Vinh, director of the Ministry of Health’s department for maternal and child health care. “We have to well prepare and sustain human resources ready providing all sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health services amid the COVID-19 epidemic.”

UNFPA is working with the government and partners to ensure health workers can safely continue to provide these services. On 3 April, UNFPA delivered supplies including 7,000 bottles of sanitizers, to the health ministry’s Department of Planning and Finance.