Francophone West Africa – Building on the Success of ISSU

IntraHealth International’s office is located in Dakar, Senegal, and acts as the Francophone West Africa Accelerator Hub for The Challenge Initiative. For more than a decade, IntraHealth International collaborated with the government, health workers, and other local stakeholders to strengthen Senegal’s health systems and bring high-quality health care services to more communities. After years of investment, Senegal greatly reduced child mortality and malaria-related mortality, increased access to family planning (FP), and stabilized a low incidence of HIV.

In 2014 alone, IntraHealth’s Senegal Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (ISSU) delivered FP services to over 30,000 women and provided more than 67,000 couples years of protection via community-based interventions in poor urban areas.

As an Accelerator Hub, IntraHealth International is responsible for advocating for The Challenge Initiative to city government officials, helping applicants develop reproductive health proposals and providing technical coaching and mentoring for project implementation.