FP2030’s Onyinye Edeh among Winners of “The Pitch”

Onyinye Edeh

Onyinye Edeh is the Founder and Executive Director of the Strong Enough Girls Empowerment Initiative in Nigeria and country engagement officer for country engagement in Anglophone Africa for FP2030 . Her winning proposal will build upon the tradition of passing knowledge through oral storytelling by creating a 20-episode bilingual podcast called “Indi-Genius” where family planning leaders in Nigeria and Niger can share their stories and inspire others to follow their paths.

The podcast will represent and amplify “the voices of amazing young people who day-to-day are making changes in their countries when it comes to advancing family planning and reproductive health,” she told the judges. “It’s just going to be amazing to highlight those untold stories in a fun and engaging but also transformational way.”

In announcing Edeh’s victory, CCP’s Tara Sullivan, who directs the Knowledge SUCCESS project, said that the judges found Strong Enough Girls Empowerment Initiative to be “culturally relevant and innovative.”

“We love that the Strong Enough Girls Empowerment Initiative is a female and locally led group and that it presents knowledge of indigenous youth leaders who are driving change in their communities,” she says.