FP2030 makes formidable entry into the Middle East and North Africa region

Justin Ngong, Communications Officer, North, West, and Central African FP2030 Regional Hub 

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, multiple conflicts have created a dire humanitarian need. Organizations working in the region understand that the principle of partnership is crucial to efficiently provide services to beneficiaries. FP2030 is committed to increasing its presence in the MENA region and is excited to engage in partnerships with different stakeholders to make a meaningful difference. In January 2024, the senior country engagement officer for FP2030 participated in a principle of partnership workshop in Amman, Jordan organized by; the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) and attended by organizations from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Türkiye, and Jordan. The workshop was attended by a diverse group of local and international non-governmental organizations working in the MENA region, all united by a common goal: to make a positive impact on the lives of beneficiaries in need. During the workshop, the country engagement officer for FP2030 North, West, and Central Africa shared a wealth of experience and emphasized the importance of country commitments from governments and other stakeholders to advocate for rights-based family planning and emergency preparedness and resilience for family planning. The officer’s inspiring message resonated with key stakeholders and opened lines of communication with some regional partners expressing interest in partnering with FP2030 in advocating and advancing voluntary family planning uptake in dire humanitarian environments. Through partnerships, FP2030 hopes to make a meaningful impact in the MENA region and help build more resilient communities. 

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