FP2030 continues transformation with appointment of Dr. Fenosoa Ratsimanetrimanana

FP2030 is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Fenosoa Ratsimanetrimanana as Managing Director of the North, West, and Central Africa Regional Hub hosted by Population Council in Abuja, Nigeria.

Dr. Ratsimanetrimanana is a sexual reproductive health rights expert with 25 years of experience in family planning and HIV/AIDS. He will oversee a multidisciplinary team that will support the FP2030 commitment makers, as a continuation of our shift to a regional structure.

Dr. Ratsimanetrimanana sees FP2030’s expansion into North, West, and Central Africa as an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a new set of diverse stakeholders. “The regional hubs help us close the gap between the talk and the walk,” he said. “Together, as a community of family planning stakeholders, we will align our diverse expectations, expertise, experiences, priorities, perspectives, and preferences, driven as they are by the same desire to help improve the lives of women and girls.”

The hub team will include Fatim Diouf, Francophone Country Engagement Officer, and Yusuf Tukur Nuhu, Manager of Advocacy, Accountability, and Partnerships. They will soon be joined by an Anglophone Country Engagement Officer, a Communications Officer, and a Senior Adolescent and Youth Advisor (global).

The evolution of the FP2030 Partnership’s structure, from a secretariat model based in Washington, D.C., to a global support network, is meant to foster greater day-to-day collaboration and support from all our partners and stakeholders, as well as to ensure that they are empowered to contribute to setting the partnership agenda themselves.

FP2030 Executive Director Dr. Samukeliso Dube welcomed Dr. Ratsimanetrimanana to the FP2030 team.

“The success of our regional hub model will be assured with leaders like Dr. Ratsimanetrimanana, whose commitment to family planning and to this family planning partnership, along with his connections to stakeholders across this region, is well documented”

Dr. Ratsimanetrimanana believes FP2030’s presence in the region will ensure an alignment in vision, values, and commitment: “Unleashing our collective genius is of utmost importance for ensuring value for money and value for many family planning programs. The FP2030 Hub for North, West and Central Africa will be a dynamic coordination platform for our family planning partnership, facilitating collaborative leadership, transformative flexibility, and innovation instilling results alignment, key for any sustainable partnership endeavor.”

In September, FP2030 announced the fourth regional hub would be located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, hosted by the International Planned Parenthood East and South East Asia and Oceania Regional Office. and we look forward to making those announcements, along with the location of the Latin America and Caribbean Hub in the near future.