FP2020 at ICM Africa Regional Conference

Photo: Alison Bodenheimer Gatto, FP2020; Dr. Chris Abiodun Oyeyipo, FP-SRH Technical Advisor, UNFPA (UNFPA Focal Point, Sierra Leone); Dr. Alexander Dimiti, Director General, Directorate of Reproductive Health, Min of Health, Republic of South Sudan (Gov’t Focal Point, South Sudan); Jemelia Sake Beda, President, Midwifery Association, South Sudan); Mary Augusta Fullah, Government Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Sierra Leone

The ICM Africa Regional Conference, which took place from September 12-14, brought together midwives from across the continent with the goal of fostering skills development, knowledge and practice within the community. FP2020 and WHO co-hosted a plenary session featuring family planning and midwifery leaders, which demonstrated high-level commitment to supporting midwives and promoting partnership between midwifery and family planning. FP2020 and WHO also co-organized a symposium featuring an overview of updates to new WHO guidelines relevant to the full range of SRH services that midwives provide, and a panel discussion with FP2020 Focal Points and midwives centered on mutual family planning and midwifery challenges and goals in Sierra Leone and South Sudan. For more information and resources on postpartum family planning, check out our website