Fewer women are visiting health facilities for maternal services during lockdown

Only around one fourth of women are seeking maternity services at Kathmandu Model Hospital after the lockdown started.

Over 60 to 80 women used to visit the hospital’s out-patient department every day prior to the lockdown but now only 15 to 20 women are visiting, according to Dr Aruna Karki, consultant gynecologist at the hospital.

“Only those having emergencies are visiting our hospital,” Karki told the Post. “Due to their small number, we are attending patients from 9 am to 1 pm only.”

Elsewhere too, only very few pregnant women are visiting health facilities for consultation. Due to the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of Covid-19, maternity services have been obstructed throughout the country, putting the lives of pregnant women at a great risk.

“Institutional delivery rate has declined across the country,” Dr Punya Poudel, chief of the Safe Motherhood Unit at the Family Welfare Division, told the Post. “The numbers of deliveries updated at health facilities are very few, which shows that women are giving birth at home.”