Female Health Company Official Report

FHC remains committed to the FP2020 strategic family planning goals.  As noted in the table below, the first part of the commitment of FHC was to provide 5% free goods on the aggregate purchases achieved in the global public sector. The targeted value in the commitment assumed a 60 million unit volume of annual sales to the global public sector.  Public sector purchases of FC2 female condoms have been less than this assumption.

Calendar Year Public Sector Unit Sales 5% Free Goods Savings
2012 (6 Months) 31,800,000 1,590,000 $874,500
2013 38,745,060 1,937,253 $1,065,489
2014 (6 Months) 17,725,780 886,289 $487,459
  • The second part of the financial pledge relates to training and education and a specific target value was committed.  Company progress against that target is provided in table below.
Calendar Year Invested
2012 $1,680,000
2013 $1,526,000
2014 (6 Months) $1,028,000
Cumulative $4,234,000