Denmark Financial Commitment Update

Humanitarian crisis today are increasingly protracted and a growing number of people are displaced from their homes. Denmark will therefore continue to promote better coherence between humanitarian and development responses, also in addressing sexual reproductive health and rights. Denmark will continue to provide access to contraception of their choices to the estimated 225 million women who, today, do not have access these services and commodities, bearing in mind the aggravated situation of girls, adolescents and women – also in humanitarian settings. Denmark will continue to promote women and girls’ right to decide over their own body and own sexuality since these are fundamental rights. A holistic approach is essential to address the need for prevention, services and access to information. Denmark will continue our dialogue and cooperation in internationals settings with all relevant parties with a view to addressing the challenges and realizing the potential of the largest youth generation in the history of the world growing up right now. Cognizant of the fact that girls, adolescents and women are more exposed and vulnerable in humanitarian situations Denmark will continue to be an active advocate for girls’ and women’s possibility to influence their own lives. There is an overwhelming gap in emergency response due to the lack of prioritization and funding. Family planning in humanitarian crisis must be a priority. Advocacy and change of mind sets is important. It is at least as important that deeds follow words. I am therefore pleased to draw your attention to the fact that in addition to 345 million DKK already allocated for SRHR interventions for the fiscal year 2017 an additional 91 million DKK has been allocated earlier this year.  Out of these 56 DKK will go to UNFPA Supplies and 35 DKK will go to IPPF.  Furthermore, we expect to be able to allocate supplementary funds for SRHR in the remaining part of 2017.