Coming soon! New Collaboration for Equitable Partnerships with Young People

Copper Rose Zambia, IYAFP, and other youth-led organisations, with the support of FP2030, are taking the movement for equitable partnerships with young people to the next level by launching a new group to advocate for equitable and genuine partnerships with young people. Together, we called for youth-led organizations to apply to collaborate with us. We received over 500 applications in just a couple weeks, and now we’re reviewing these and will announce the full group soon!

Until you hear from us next, we suggest that you meet with your teams (especially your contracts and finance teams!) to assess how you may be able to make adjustments in the near term (by end of Q1 2022) in one or more of the following areas:

  • Implementation of equitable agreements and partnerships between youth, youth-led organizations, and other institutions, by adjusting subcontracts, memoranda of understanding, terms of reference, and ensuring fair compensation for work;
  • Making resources more easily available by co-designing new funding mechanisms with young people and revising procurement policies and existing mechanisms;
  • Facilitating organizational development, not just technical strengthening to strengthen youth-led organizations, networks, and movements based on their identified goals and needs and improve non-youth organizations and institutions’ ability to establish and sustain partnerships with young people.

Note! If you have strong communications and campaign experience and want to support this effort – consider applying here by Aug 17.