Cameroon Progress Update: Implant Distribution Increases at Public Health Facilities

  • A joint effort by the Government of Cameroon’s Department of Family Health/Ministry of Public Health, UNFPA, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc., has resulted in implant distribution in public health facilities increasing 3.7 times between 2013 and 2015.
  • Specifically, Cameroon’s central warehouse distributed 33,708 implants to public health facilities in 2015 compared to 9,063 implants two years before.
  • Various factors contributed to this increase: stronger forecasting; the procurement of sufficient buffer stock to gauge true consumption; an investment in targeted healthcare worker training; and strategic planning by the government, which enabled thousands more women to access contraceptive implants, helped reduce high levels of unmet need, and advanced progress toward Cameroon’s FP2020 commitments.
  • Historically, Cameroon’s chronic stock-outs of contraceptives, particularly implants, have contributed to a low CPR (16.1%) and high maternal mortality (720 deaths/100,000 live births).

Implant Distribution in Cameroon, 2013-2015

2013 2014 2015
Average Monthly Issues 755 2,185 2,809
Total Distribution 9,063 26,221 33,708