Cameroon Official Commitment Update

In August 2015, the Government of Cameroon shared an update on progress in achieving its policy, financial and program and service delivery commitments to FP2020.

  • The Government of Cameroon introduced Implanon NXT and Sayana Press in 2015. The Family Health Department is currently developing a pilot project for community-based distribution with Sayana Press in two health districts.
  • The [Family Health Directorate] is organizing a family planning caravan that will offer free family planning services and raise awareness amongst the population. The caravan will visit two regions for the first phase. This caravan is expected to start in the coming weeks.
  • 690 providers were trained in family planning in 2015.
  • The Logistics Management and Information System (LMIS) was developed and launched to improve the management and availability of contraceptives and other medicines. Data was collected monthly on contraceptives at the central and regional levels.
  • The SMS for Life” campaign for the telephone collection of data on the stock levels of contraceptives and family planning services among 22 districts in 6 regions of the country was launch.
  • The budget line for the purchase of contraceptives increased from FCFA80 million in 2014 to FCFA90 million in 2015.
  • During the mobilization week for repositioning family planning (Feb. 23, 2015), the Family Health Directorate advocated for an increase in the budget line for the purchase of contraceptives.
  • Family planning services are not systematically offered in universities, and the [Family Health Directorate] is working with the Minister of Higher Education to establish family planning in medico-social centers (MSCs) and to ensure family planning is integrated in universities. The first step was to review and validate the white paper that indicates which services the MSCs can offer. We are also currently working with partners to ensure the MSCs have a free supply of contraceptives. The launch is scheduled for the start of the next academic year, during medical visits, and will be accompanied by awareness activities with the health club.
  • Family planning mobilization week: This mobilization week for repositioning family planning, which was held during the week of February 23, 2015, affected 800 women and young people and saw commitments from the Minister for Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Territorial Planning and Development, and political leaders from the Government of Cameroon. During this week, the Family Health Directorate disseminated the 2015-2020 Family Planning Operational Plan to policy makers, NGOs and partners as well as appointed singer Mani Bella as a family planning champion within the country.
  • A subcommittee of the Family Planning Sub-Group was formed to develop the family planning norms and standards, and to work toward a system for the certification of providers and the accreditation of health training. In addition, the Family Planning Sub-Group established a contraceptive safety subcommittee.
  • The United Nations system, as well as the partners, are committed to supporting Cameroon in meeting its commitments.