Building FP2030 – An Update on the FP2030 Transition Process

The Transition Oversight Group (TOG), through its three active working committees and a separate Finance Group, continued to work in refining and moving forward the establishment of the new FP2030 structure. The TOG’s efforts on establishing the future governance structure, operationalizing the five regional hubs, and recruiting a new Executive Director to lead the next stage of the partnership are steadily progressing with support from the Secretariat and the Transition Management Team.

The next major milestone is the establishment of the new Governing Board of FP2030. The Call for Applications for civil society, youth and NGO members is issued here. The Board, as the primary decision-making and oversight body, will provide overall strategic direction, guide the future of the partnership, and oversee the new Support Network. The Board will include representatives from country governments, civil society, youth, international organizations and global partnerships, donors, and other experts. The deadline for applications is September 10, 2021.

RFIs were released in April to solicit expressions of interest from organizations interested in hosting the two Africa regional hubs covering North, West and Central Africa and East and Southern Africa. While the Africa Regional Hubs process is being finalized, we are seeking organizations to host the Asia and the Pacific Regional Hub to help fulfill FP2030’s future vision. The details of the Request for Information to host the Asia and the Pacific Regional Hub and the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the application can be found here.

The appointment of a new Executive Director to lead the FP2030 partnership is well under way. The Executive Director, supported by Managing Directors and their teams from the five Regional Hubs, will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to accelerate progress towards FP2030 goals, including energizing the family planning movement by connecting it to broader health and development goals with active engagement of the next generation of leaders.

Stay tuned for further updates!