Benin FP2020 Commitment

The Government of Benin will revise policies, norms, and protocols to strengthen the delegation of tasks to improve reproductive health and will spread awareness of the law on reproductive health and regulations. Additionally, the government will make modern methods of contraception available to youth and adolescents for free in public health facilities. The government will disseminate the National Population Policy Declaration.

Benin commits to progressively increasing the budget allocation for contraceptive purchase through 2018 to CFA 250 million.

The Government of Benin will increase collaboration with the private sector within the family planning framework and will leverage community networks to ensure the availability and accessibility of contraceptive products throughout the country. In addition, Benin commits to ensuring that reproductive health training is provided for adolescents and youth and that communication on family planning is strengthened, especially for women who have expressed an unmet need, adolescents, and youth.