Announcing the FP2030 Partnership Fund

FP2030 is pleased to announce the FP2030 Partnership Fund: a new funding mechanism to help small organizations, nontraditional partners, and other grantees that might not be served by traditional funding mechanisms, thrive. This fund is designed to provide catalytic subgrants to local organizations through thematic competitive challenges.  

The first challenge will focus on family planning financing: How can countries increase budgetary allocations for family planning to ensure sustainable financing and transparent expenditure monitoring? 

With help from the Partnership Fund, could your organization make meaningful progress to tackle this challenge? We’re looking forward to hearing your creative approaches, new ideas, and opportunities. For this challenge, projects must be implemented in one of the following countries: Cameroun, Central African Republic, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Togo and Zimbabwe. We’ll also be hosting a webinar to answer any questions from grantees February 1 (English) and February 6 (French). 

This fund builds on the success of FP2020’s Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM), which provided more than 100 subgrants amounting to $11.6 million in about 40 countries, with 24.1 million total beneficiaries reached between 2014 and 2020. RRM grantees helped create the first-ever family planning budget in the largest province in the DRC, they used poetry to advocate for the sexual and reproductive rights of young people, including LGBTQ and ethnic minority youth, they created workplace family planning programs, and so many other creative innovations. We’re proud of the success of the RRM, and delighted to open a new funding mechanism to encourage even more creative thinking to tackle the world’s most pressing family planning related challenges. We can’t wait to see the impact.  

As part of the grant received through the Partnership Fund, some funds will be earmarked for financial and technical support to strengthen their organizational capacity, share their lessons learned and take advantage of networking opportunities. It is the goal of the Partnership Fund to build the organizational capacity of local organizations by brokering customized capacity-sharing support, facilitating international knowledge exchanges, and learning from local actors across the FP2030 partnership. 

This fund is an important part of FP2030’s localization strategy, in which our partnership puts power (and money) where it belongs: in the hands of regional and local decision makers. While this challenge is focused on Cameroun, Central African Republic, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Togo and Zimbabwe, future challenges will aim at different regions, including Latin America and Asia. To learn more about the Partnership Fund and find out how to apply, check out the FP2030 website. 

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